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Are Fat Transfer Results Permanent? The short answer is yes, if done correctly. Fat transfer is an innovative treatment with beautiful outcomes. It produces long-term permanent effects in the right hands. Each doctor has their technique, but the technology is much the same. The Coleman Technique was the first to show long-term use. Now, the preservation of fat has become more sophisticated, but the concept is the same.

This process has no standardization; although surgeons offer fat transfer, look for the approach that provides the healthiest fat and the best results. As a result, methods will differ, and, as a result, results will vary from patient to patient.

Because the Fat Transfer technique is irreversible without additional fat suctioning, attention must be given to execute it correctly. This is critical to keep the area symmetrical, especially when used in the face, breasts, and buttocks. Long-term benefits can be predicted if it is administered smoothly and in layers.

How Long Do Fat Grafting Results Last?

As long as the fat is viable, it will establish a new blood supply, and the majority of the fat will stay at the injection site.

Weight fluctuations can raise or decrease the quantity of fat present, just as the fat volume would have fluctuated in its original location. An expert cosmetic surgeon will know how much fat to inject and what procedure to employ to keep fat cells viable during your procedure and prevent premature fat necrosis. That means maximum retention of healthy fat cells in the area of the body where you want volume.

A Permanent and Natural Result

Fat grafting is simply a surgical procedure that improves a person’s look by removing fat from one body area and transferring it to another.

First, a type of fat harvesting liposuction, such as VASER ultrasound-assisted liposuction, is performed to remove excess fat. VASER liposuction is gentle enough to be used to remove fat from nearly any part of the body, including the thighs, hips, abdomen, back, arms, and neck. After purifying the fat by isolating the individual fat cells from the suctioned tissue, it is carefully injected into the targeted regions within 30 minutes.

The outcomes of fat grafting vary, but this technique can give lasting augmentation in the appropriate circumstances. While the body absorbs injectable fillers over time and repeat treatments are required to maintain the effects, fat grafting can be permanent since the transplanted fat is a living material.

During the first six weeks after being injected, some of the fat will be naturally absorbed by the body. Nonetheless, like the rest of the body’s living tissue, the fat that survives continues to exist. Although this is usually undetectable, a tiny amount of fat may continue to be reabsorbed over the next six months.

The hourglass body that so many women desire can be obtained by strategically removing and injecting fat to generate the appropriate curves.

Fat Grafting Is Innovative and Safe

This is a beautiful technique for facial rejuvenation by filling hollows and improving wrinkles and fine lines. It is also commonly used to enhance the breasts, buttocks and fill in “hip dips.” Injected fat adds volume to the skin, plumping it for a more youthful appearance in just the right places. And since it is harvested from your body, it is safe from rejection. Once the body establishes the new blood supply, you will see lasting results.

According to a recent news release regarding research on buttocks enlargement using fat grafting in 57 patients, 98 percent of participants were “delighted” with their outcomes. Fat is one of the most effective materials for soft tissue augmentation, and the results are very natural. People frequently inquire how long the improvement will endure, and most are ecstatic with the response – done right, it’s permanent.

What’s Next?

So, Are Fat Transfer Results Permanent? In the hands of the right cosmetic surgeon. Doctor Cyr is an expert source of knowledge regarding this procedure. Once he meets with you and understands your goals, he can guide you to make the best fat transfer decisions.

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