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Before we talk about the Skinny BBL, let’s talk a little about motivation.

Having a well-shaped, lifted buttock often depends on genetics. Some men and women are naturally more fortunate than others.  If you are a thin person with a tiny or flat buttock and want more shape, cosmetic surgery may be the solution. All is not lost! You may not need to spend long hours exercising.

Using fat transfer to the buttocks offers you natural-looking, well-shaped glutes immediately. And yes, even an athletic or thin build has fat stores that can be harvested with VASER liposuction for a Skinny BBL.

What is the Skinny BBL?

A Skinny BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is a surgical procedure that transfers fat from some parts of the body, such as the abdomen, arms, thighs, and back to the buttocks. This procedure allows slim men and women to get rounder and more contoured buttocks when diet and exercise have not worked. With lean patients, fat may have to be harvested from several areas to obtain enough to make a difference in the buttock’s shape.

With this surgery, fat is collected from an area that is not wanted or can be spared. It’s the perfect option to obtain natural results without using silicone implants which are prone to shifting around and have a long recovery.

How Much Fat Does it Take For a Skinny BBL?

The amount of fat required to perform a skinny BBL will depend on some factors:

  • The wishes of the patient
  • Fat available according to their anatomy
  • The survival rate of the fat. Plan on 80- 90% depending on the technique, equipment, and skill of the surgeon

In general, the thinner the patient, the less fat required to make a visible change.

For example, for a patient weighing 110 pounds, maybe 1,000cc of fat could be extracted, which leaves 500cc of fat to transfer to each buttock. However, according to the patient’s weight, this amount of fat will represent a significant change. The more a patient weighs, the more fat they have, the more a surgeon can harvest.

Extremely Skinny Patients

The surgeon must evaluate the patient’s expectations to achieve the expected definition. If you are very thin and want large buttocks, your only immediate option could be silicone buttock implants.

The doctor may even recommend a new nutritional regimen to add weight with super-thin patients temporarily to harvest the newly added fat. In this case, the weight gain is strictly therapeutic.

Sometimes, patients will need more than one procedure to harvest enough fat to reach their goals.

The Skinny BBL Involves Two Procedures

The skinny BBL is two cosmetic procedures in one:

  • VASER Liposuction
  • Fat transfer

Ideally, VASER Ultra-Sound Assisted lipo is used for this procedure because it can harvest from both layers of fat vs. just one and does not damage fat cells like other methods such as traditional or laser lipo.

Eliminate Fat From Unwanted Areas

Being thin does not automatically mean being 100% satisfied with your body. You may have love handles that you want to eliminate or lack the shape you desire. Relocating just a modest amount of fat can give you more curves or a better physique.

Natural Looking Results

The most significant advantage of the skinny BBL is that it will have a natural feel, unlike silicone implants. Implants can look disproportionate and feel fake.

Additionally, since it is fat from your own body, the risk of rejection is eliminated.

Long-Lasting Results

Correctly done, the technique used in the skinny BBL allows the conservation of 80 to 90% of the extracted fat. Combined with diet and exercise, you will see long-lasting results.

What Makes a Skinny BBL vs. a Regular BBL?

Most patients who request a skinny BBL have body mass indexes (BMI) below 24. In these cases, the surgeon had to be exceptionally skillful in extracting body fat and using the appropriate techniques to harvest the maximum amount.

Some patients are advised to gain a little weight before a skinny BBL, whereas a higher BMI patient already has plenty of fat reserves.

A regular BBL is the same procedure with easier access to fat reserves and is more focused on shaping the contours with increased volume.

In the skinny BBL, the shape achieved is the focus more than volume.

Other Options to Fat

There are FDA-approved fillers that can be combined with the fat extracted from the patient to enhance the results of skinny BBL. As a rule, these are options that only provide temporary enhancement. That should be discussed in the preoperative consultation and approved by the patient.

What’s Next?

So now that you know the details about how a skinny BBL can improve your body, it’s time to make a consultation appointment and get that amazing shape you desire.

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