High-Definition Liposuction

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High-definition liposuction or HD Lipo is a revolutionary form of liposuction that removes significantly more fat than conventional methods of liposuction. By removing greater levels of fat, the underlying musculature is exposed. By exposing the underlying muscles, a surgeon can etch abs, back muscles, shoulder muscles, and leg and arm muscles, creating definition that was previously not possible.

Conventional liposuction only removes a single layer of fat, leaving more superficial fat near the surface of the skin in an effort to avoid rippling, gouging, and unevenness in the skin. High-definition liposuction uses VASER technology to go both more superficial and deeper in the skin. Using ultrasonic vibration, VASER allows the surgeon to get very close to the skin to loosen fat and then removes it in liquid form using a suction cannula.

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The technical definition of High Definition Liposuction does not do justice to the possibilities for body contouring and liposculpture.  High-definition liposuction has ushered in an entirely new approach to body transformation.  The way that VASER technology removes that fat from the body is much less damaging to the fat cells.  This allows the surgeon to preserve the extracted fat and be able to transplant the fat to areas of the body where it is desired.

This technique allows Dr. Cyr to sculpt the body and create a feminine, or masculine, silhouette that is truly amazing.  In body sculpting, Dr. Cyr may want to create a curve by removing fat from the abdomen, flanks, and back, but add fat elsewhere.  By increasing the roundness of the hips or the fullness of your breasts, the hourglass shape is enhanced.  

When you remove fat from the middle and enhance the bust and hips your waist is “snatched “, creating a shape that simple liposuction can’t achieve.

This is true for men as well.  Fat can be transplanted to the pecs, deltoids, and arms, creating a more masculinized appearance.  Men with a flat butt can have a rounded more youthful appearance. Fat can even be used to enhance penile length and girth.

Fat can be also transferred to the hands, lips, and face, creating a youthful appearance where it was not possible before fat transplantation became practical.

Dr. Cyr’s Orthosculpt approach to cosmetic surgery is centered on high-definition liposuction.

What is HD lipo?
HD Lipo, short for High Definition Liposuction, is a cosmetic procedure that’s all about body sculpting. It’s not just about removing fat like traditional liposuction but it focuses on enhancing the natural muscle contours to give a more defined and athletic look. This procedure can be used on various parts of the body including abs, arms, chest, and buttocks. The aim here is to get that well-toned physique with sharper outlines and deeper muscle definition which you might find hard to achieve through exercise alone.