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Scarless Skin Tightening

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Do you have areas on your body with loose skin? It's incredibly frustrating when you've worked hard on having tone and the right shape but your skin won’t cooperate.

Loose skin happens after weight loss, pregnancy, a liposuction procedure, or as a simple fact of aging. In any case, having skin laxity or looseness used to require significant surgery- not anymore.

With the advancement of techniques that offer minimally invasive procedures, scarless skin tightening is possible with Renuvion radiofrequency. Sometimes this is referred to as J Plasma or by the brand name Renuvion.

Let's look at some details about scarless skin tightening with Renuvion J Plasma, so you can decide if this treatment is ideal for you.

Silver Bar Icon - liposculpture - About CYRx MD - Before & After - liposculpture - Fat Transfer - Brazilian Butt Lift - Non-Surgical Procedures - Body Implants - High Definition Liposuction - Scarless Skin Tightening - VASER Body Sculpting - Tummy Tuck

Get the physique you've always dreamed of!

Silver Bar Icon - liposculpture - About CYRx MD - Before & After - liposculpture - Fat Transfer - Brazilian Butt Lift - Non-Surgical Procedures - Body Implants - High Definition Liposuction - Scarless Skin Tightening - VASER Body Sculpting - Tummy Tuck


The Technology Behind Scarless Skin Tightening with Renuvion J Plasma

Skin tightening with Renuvion J Plasma works by using radiofrequency energy and helium plasma to encourage the skin underneath the surface to contract or tighten up with controlled shrinkage. It’s an amazing way to firm up the skin’s surface with minimal discomfort and minimal poke-hole scars left behind. Think shrink wrap and permanent!

In decades past, the only way to tighten up the skin or remove a slight excess was to undergo surgery to remove excess skin and pull it tighter. Unfortunately, that is a somewhat invasive procedure that leaves large scars. In some cases, the only method that works is to remove redundant skin, but your surgeon will advise you if that is the case.

With radiofrequency energy, the advancement in scarless skin tightening has risen to a level like never before. During the procedure, the heat of the radiofrequency energy warms up the tissue underneath the skin, causing it to contract and then cool down quickly. That process produces the desired firmness on the skin’s surface, making it look smooth and tight.

The Best Candidates for Scarless Skin Tightening

Many people choose to have Renuvion J Plasma scarless skin tightening as an add-on procedure to liposuction, especially with VASER high-definition liposuction. As a skin tightening treatment, it makes sure that skin that would otherwise be loose or ripply is nice and smooth for a more desirable result. 

Other candidates for “scarless” skin tightening underwent a tummy tuck procedure that needed a little extra firmness in the abdomen area. Of course, after you have a tummy tuck, the ideal body shape you want is a flat stomach. If you are a candidate, having Renuvion will help with that extra bit of flabby skin that’s keeping you from your best body ever.  

Another candidate for scarless skin tightening is the person who is concerned about aging skin. Not only does it help with loss of laxity or firmness, which happens as the body ages and doesn’t produce as much beneficial collagen, but it can also improve the surface texture of the skin. But, keep in mind that as skin ages and is less elastic, Renuvion may not be as effective as it is with younger skin. However, your surgeon will tell you if you are a good candidate for Renuvion skin tightening.

The Parts of the Body That Work for Renuvion J Plasma Treatment

The most common area of the body the Renuvion J Plasma skin tightening procedure works anywhere liposuction is performed. That includes the:

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Back and bra line
  • Buttocks
  • Arms

Your surgeon will be able to define the areas of the body that a body sculpting procedure with VASER high-definition liposuction could benefit from in combination with scarless skin tightening. Talk to your surgeon about how scarless skin tightening can complete liposuction results for smooth and firm skin that looks years younger. Scarless skin tightening is a perfect complement to liposuction.

Renuvion J Plasma treatment is also used on facial areas such as the neck and jawline. Some doctors are even saying this is as close to a non-surgical facelift as you can get. It takes anti-aging to a whole new level. A sagging neck and jowls on the lower cheek are two of the first signs of aging. But, with the skin-tightening powers of Renuvion J Plasma, you’ll discover that in just a short amount of time, aging is minimized through this procedure.

One final note on parts of the body that scarless skin tightening may treat. Who would not want to address sagging knees and aging arms? These are places on the body that can give away age, especially sagging knees and parts of the legs with loose skin. These areas can be treated by scarless skin tightening, providing your skin still has elasticity. You’ll be pleased with how young and tight your entire leg area can look when you fix the loose and saggy skin. So say hello to short shorts and miniskirts again.

How Long the Renuvion J Plasma Treatment Takes

The amount of time spent having the Renuvion J Plasma treatment depends on how many areas of the body the treatment is targeting. If you have one area done, for example, the stomach it will only take about 30 minutes to an hour to complete. Done by itself, it’s a quick procedure that is minimally invasive and won’t leave any visible scars. 

Depending on the treatment plan determined by your cosmetic surgeon, the procedure may require local or general anesthesia. It also depends on other procedures you may be having done at the same time. If you have Renuvion alone, you can expect to go home without an overnight stay at a recovery facility. Otherwise, an overnight stay may be necessary.

Recovery Time Is Minimal

The recovery time is easy for Renuvion alone. If you need additional time to recover, it’s mainly due to other procedures you may have undergone at the same time, like VASER high-definition liposuction or a tummy tuck, breast lift, or mommy makeover. Ask your surgeon for recovery times if surgical procedures are involved.

Depending on the extent of your Renuvion procedures, you will need a few days or a week to adjust your routine of working out and dedicate more time to rest. That may include wearing compression garments after your procedure. Again, your doctor will make sure you understand all the requirements for proper healing. 

There may be tightness in the area, which is a good result of the scarless skin tightening. If you have minor pain or discomfort in the unlikely event, your doctor will recommend over-the-counter pain medication like acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

The Immediate Results of Scarless Skin Tightening

Here’s the best news. You’ll be able to see the results of scarless skin tightening right away. Your skin will be smoother, tighter, and firmer to the touch. Plus, as time goes on, the radiofrequency energy works in the tissue because it has the added benefit of stimulating collagen production. So the area will rejuvenate more over time, resulting in smoother and firmer skin. So over time, you’ll see even more improvements in the tone and texture of your skin. Smooth. Tight. Youthful.

Many people wonder if the results will last for a long time. The good news is that the results of scarless skin tightening are permanent, especially if you make an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That means hydration, good eating habits, and good skincare. Now that your skin looks years younger, be sure to use a high SPF sunblock, like CYRx MD Tinted Sunblock or Sun Defense, avoid prolonged sun exposure that can cause skin damage and NO smoking.

Turn back the clock on aging and sagging skin with this minimally invasive treatment. The technology of Renuvion J Plasma scarless skin tightening makes it all possible to have the body of your dreams with an exceptional skin tone that you are going to be proud of showing off.