OrthoSculpt Training & Certification - Body Sculpting by Dr Cyr
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OrthoSculpt Training & Certification

Why Join The OrthoSculpt Training & Certification?

Dr. Cyr is the first orthopedic and cosmetic surgeon, in the country, certified by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.
His techniques have revolutionized the field of orthopedics and cosmetic surgery and created a pathway for surgeons who feel trapped by insurance-based medicine to expand their practice with cash-pay surgical options.

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Training is conducted at the SASpine Institute in Houston, Texas by Dr. Steven Cyr, a dual fellowship-trained orthopedic and cosmetic surgeon.

At CYRx MD we understand that busy surgeons do not have the time to complete a second Fellowship in cosmetic surgery so Dr. Steven Cyr has developed an OrthoSculpt training & certification program for the use of his trademarked technique. During this one-week course, you will learn, using didactic and clinical teaching methods, musculoskeletal anatomy, and how to use high-definition liposculpture and face and body implants to enhance a patient’s anatomy with anatomical precision and accuracy.

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Training includes

  • Licensing agreement for OrthoSculpt by CYRx MD
  • Use of registered trademark & artwork provided for marketing
  • Certificate of completion by SASpine Institute
  • Eligibility for recertification after three years
  • Lunch is provided during training
  • One Mid-level training provided at no cost (classroom instruction only due to limited OR space) for noninvasive procedures like Botox & fillers-Administrative training (workups, pre-op, post-op, and billing and collection)

Training does not include

  • Any equipment or medical supplies associated with the surgery that would need to be purchased after the training to perform the surgery
  • Recertification in three years for proficiency (10% original cost)
  • Any flights or hotel stay for training


This program is selective and limited to surgeons in good standing only. Submission of an application is not a guarantee of enrollment. Applicants must still go through an approval process. OrthoSculpt is a registered trademark of CYRx MD.

OrthoSculpt training is isolated to high-definition training/Lipo sculpture of the body. It is not a substitute for formal cosmetic fellowship training. To obtain a formal fellowship either a one or two-year program can be sought with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons who Dr. Cyr trained under and recommends/supports.