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Before and After Ponytail Lift

Patient comments: I have always really liked the Cat Eye look (aka, Ponytail Lift). I think it’s a game-changer when it comes to framing your face. My eyebrows turned down at the ends so I could never achieve that look because you have to lift the corners of your eyes as well, not just the eyebrows, or it looks odd.

I had Steve (Dr Cyr) take care of that for me with two small incisions on the side of each temple. Yes, two small incisions hidden in my hairline!

This can be done under local so it’s painless (ie, what your dentist uses for dental procedures)… unless you are undergoing another procedure that requires anesthesia of course.
It’s very subtle, but, remember, subtle changes are the best! ~LeAnn Cyr

(Pictures were taken one year apart and have not been altered in any way.)

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