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Can you imagine removing fat where you don’t want it and enhancing another part of your body? All that extra flab is gone. A sleek and sculpted figure. A body that you want to show the world. It’s true that when a cosmetic surgeon, like Dr. Cyr of CYRxMD Cosmetic Surgery, performs a VASER high definition liposculpture surgery, the fat transfer can work for other procedures like a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) or natural breast augmentation. Amazing, right?

So how does a fat transfer for BBL work, or increasing your bustline by one cup in a breast augmentation that’s natural without implants? Here’s how fat transfer happens for both of these body-enhancing procedures and beyond.

The Fat Transfer With VASER High Definition Liposuction

During a VASER high definition liposuction procedure, Dr. Cyr uses advanced ultrasonic energy to liquify the fat cells before they are suctioned away. In a fat transfer for BBL, the fat is kept contained, washed, and sterilized for fat transfer on the buttocks to enhance its curves and shape.

With a fat transfer for BBL, in Dr. Cyr’s capable hands, he’s able to sculpt like a true artist how the body of your dreams should look. A little less fat in some places and a little bit more in others to achieve the ultimate hip-to-waist ratio with sculpted buttocks is perfection. Round or heart-shaped, a fat transfer for BBL will give you the ideal backside that you see on someone with the perfect body shape. Think of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, or even Beyonce. Have they had a fat transfer for BBL? Probably, even though it’s hardly a secret that their sculpted bodies are the work of cosmetic surgeons too.

A Healthy Fat Transfer for BBL 

Having a fat transfer for BBL is the right way to redistribute unwanted fat and repurpose it in areas that you do. You can choose the shape you want to have after the fat transfer for BBL, and Dr. Cyr will add the necessary volume to get the booty you crave.

Even some men realize that it’s very cool to change the shape of a flat or non-existent backside with a fat transfer for BBL that makes the booty look athletic, higher, and tighter.

The Best Size and Shape in Natural Breast Augmentation 

In natural breast augmentation, the unwanted fat goes to the breast area without having to use implants. The fat transfer can help even out breasts that are of different sizes or shapes. Many women face this problem but don’t want to have a full implant augmentation. The natural breast augmentation with fat transfer is only going to take your size up one cup. Keep that in mind because you’ll probably need a traditional implant augmentation if you want to go more significant than that.

Natural breast augmentation is only a modest increase that feels utterly natural because, in reality, it’s all you. How refreshing is that? Your fat transfer after VASER high definition liposuction for an enhanced bustline. Many women are uncomfortable with the concept of having a foreign object (silicone or saline implants) in their bodies. Using a fat transfer breast augmentation solves that problem.

Beyond the Breasts and Buttocks In Other Fat Transfer Areas 

There are other areas of the body where a fat transfer works. Some of those include the face to restore volume from aging or weight loss, the lips for natural lip augmentation, or even the hands to make them appear more youthful with minor skin looseness. Sometimes fat transfer works better than other dermal fillers, which need repeating after a certain amount of time.

Are you ready to explore all the options in fat transfer after VASER high definition liposuction? Schedule your visit with Dr. Cyr as soon as possible because a fat transfer is the ultimate way to sculpt the body you want in his hands. Fill out our contact form here to take your next step here or better yet, call today! 1 (833) CHISEL U | (833-244-7358).