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The United States is the top country where cosmetic surgeries are performed. Liposuction represents 20% of total surgeries. That is, 20 out of every 100 women who decide to undergo a cosmetic procedure do it to eliminate body fat, often, hoping to lose weight, but will liposuction really change the size of clothes? Is it possible to predict how many clothing sizes you will lose with liposuction?

Will Liposuction Actually Change My Clothing Size?

This is one of the most frequent questions patients ask in the preoperative consultation. Your surgeon must answer honestly to avoid unrealistic patient expectations.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure in which fat is removed from the body, generally, fat excess, to give more shape to the contours. Although it gives an attractive silhouette, it is not a solution to lose weight, but to get rid of the fat that does not go away with diet and exercise.

There are many misconceptions around how much fat it takes to lose a clothing size. Keep in mind that:

  • A pound of fat volume is only about 18% larger than a pound of muscle.- not the vast difference that is often portrayed
  • It takes between 10-20 pounds of fat loss from dieting to reduce one clothing size
  • Liposuction tends to concentrate the removal of fat in select areas vs. dieting that reduces fat more evenly
  • Not all types of liposuction are equal. For example, OrthoSculpt with VASER High-Definition liposuction allows your surgeon to remove the maximum amount of fat safely. More than other methods.

Results Vary With Each Patient

It is impossible to say what results you’ll have since the results vary from one patient to another. Some people have liposuction lose inches from their waist and hip area, reducing their clothing size noticeably, while others focus on other areas like the thighs and back fat which may or may not change their clothing size.

Many patients are happy with the changes in their shape, even though their clothing size did not change. This is because the size of the clothes does not depend entirely on fat but the person’s overall body size, bone structure, and muscle mass. Some patients what shape regardless of the amount of fat removed, and others want a dramatic reduction of fat overall.

What to Expect from Liposuction?

Although you can lose a few inches that reflect in your clothing size, that does not always happen. Why? Liposuction does not reduce fat systemically; by design, it sculpts and contours specific body areas, giving your surgeon the freedom to extract targeted fat deposits. That allows them to improve the silhouette, slenderize certain areas and accentuate the curves.

Your Expectations

It is essential to clarify your goals before undergoing a cosmetic surgical procedure. Suppose you set your expectations too high or unrealistically. In that case, you may be dissatisfied after the surgery, not because the surgeon’s work was not exceptional, but because your expectations did not match what is possible. When you meet with a prospective cosmetic surgeon, look for them to be transparent and honest about what you can expect.

Frequent questions about liposuction

Thanks to technological advances in liposuction, you will find you have more options than just a few years ago. Here are some of the most frequent questions addressed in consultations.

How much weight will I lose with liposuction?

Liposuction is not about dramatic weight loss. Remember that you lose targeted volume and not necessarily much weight, but the doctor can shape your figure dramatically with a targeted, 360, high-definition approach. Although the fat removed causes some weight loss, it may not be significant. Of note, if your surgeon uses VASER liposuction, they may remove more fat than with other methods.

What changes are the measurements? Some patients lose several inches, depending on the amount of fat extracted, but this varies depending on the patient. Some want to remove just the last stubborn fat areas, while others want extensive change throughout their entire torso. There is a limit of fat that can be safely extracted; exceeding that amount is risky for the patient’s health, and your surgeon knows the safe limits.

Does Fat Re-Develop After Liposuction?

Yes and no. Liposuction removes existing fat, which is gone forever but does not stop the accumulation of new fat because of the patient’s diet and lifestyle. The eliminated cells cannot form again, but if you do not eat right and address a healthy lifestyle, the remaining fat cells will increase in number and size.

Think of liposuction as an investment in your best self rather than a solution!

How to Maintain Results After Liposuction

The liposuction results vary in the long term, and it’s entirely up to you what happens next. If you have this cosmetic surgery and want to get the best and longest-lasting results from your investment, there are certain things you could do to achieve prolonged results.

Diet and Exercise

Your lifestyle habits must align to prevent fat from reappearing. Simple additions like mild cardiovascular exercise, such as walking or jogging, managing portions, not eating after 8 pm, and intermittent fasting can prevent new fat. As a bonus, your overall health may benefit.

Everything you consume reflects in your figure or physique, so eating a healthy diet and adopting good new habits will protect your investment in yourself for years to come.

Consumption Of Fruits, Vegetables, and Proteins

The diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables, very modest carbohydrates, good proteins, and healthy fats. If you can reduce refined sugars and carbs, all the better. Some people benefit from a “cheat” day once a week where they know they can go wild. If that keeps you on track, it’s all about balance.

So maybe your decision to have liposuction will show results not just on the outside but also in cardiovascular, immune, and mental health. Achieving a healthier life is a worthy goal.

The Bottom Line

Don’t focus on the clothing size! Rather than focus on how many clothing sizes you lose with liposuction, concentrate on the shape that the body will take, as this is when you will objectively appreciate liposuction changes. The loss of pounds or clothing size is a bonus but not the best way to measure your results. Your body’s shape after liposuction is often better than what can be achieved through diet and exercise because “stubborn” areas of fat can be targeted with liposuction whereas those areas may remain even in the fittest of athletes, due to genetics.

Next Steps

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