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Sagging arms? Get rid of those dreaded bat wings. With OrthoSculpt of the arms finished off by Renuvion skin tightening. This minimally invasive arm lift procedure avoids having to make a cut to remove skin while obtaining significant tightening of the underarm skin (it also decreases postoperative pain and bleeding). Here Dr Cyr is tightening the skin on the back of the arms. Dr Cyr is one of few surgeons in the country performing this advanced technique.

We know the aging process can’t be stopped but also know it is possible to contract soft tissues and start the collagen rebuilding process known as neocollagensis. This process takes 6-9 months which is why effects will improve over time. Renuvion is one of the latest game-changing technologies and has been integrated as part of the OrthoSculpt procedure for minimally invasive arm lift surgeries.