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Amazing Testimonial from Rhonda Flores-

Dr. Cyr did an outstanding job on my eyes and body. I had lower bleph with skin pinch because I hated the bags under eyes, and now I don’t need concealers and creams to hide the bags. I don’t like wearing much makeup so this is a blessing more than any procedure I’ll ever have. I also had orthosculpt lipo 360 ❤️💣!!

Secondly, it’s been about 3 weeks and I’m loving my body by the day. My husband and I went out last weekend and I wore a spaghetti strap, form fitting dress and I could not stop looking at myself. I received compliments from two random women that day and it just means more coming from a woman, of course hubby was all googly for me as well. I haven’t worn something that in I don’t know how long. I will for sure be returning for fat transfer to lips soon!

Lastly, I want to praise his staff, the most attentive sweet ladies you could ask for. I felt so comfortable with them from day 1. I want to give a huge shout out to Jennifer, she checked on me at my hotel (I’m from out of town), she even walked my dog for me, which is my second child basically, so Jennifer will always hold a special place in my memory!

Thank you Dr Cyr and team! See you again one day. ~Rhonda Flores

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#DYK When working as a spine surgeon, Dr Cyr realized there was potential for liposuction or abdominoplasty to address medical conditions affecting the stress on the back that leads to increased back pain and surgical failures. In order to provide superb results for those clients, he sought formal cosmetic surgery fellowship training from one of the most respected cosmetic surgeons in America.

This training made him the world’s first fellowship-trained orthopedic and cosmetic surgeon.

His combined cosmetic and orthopedic background has equipped me with a rare knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and an understanding of the ideal anatomy (enhanced by his lifelong passion for fitness and bodybuilding), enabling him to provide his patients in both practices with extreme attention to detail and the most personalized care possible.